Mikkeli Art & Design Week 17.-24.9.2016.

Kudottu väriteokseni Kauppakeskus Stellan ja Mikkelin Toriparkin yhdyskäytävässä. Täältä löydät pikkuruiset tarinat värien takana.

My woven color work is in the corridor between Shopping Centre Stella and Mikkeli Parking Garage. Little explanations behind the colors with pictures.

Suomen vuodenajat keväästä syksyyn

Finnish seasons from spring to autumn

"Spring sun" detail. Sun beams.

"Change begins" detail. First greens will appear.

"The first day of May" detail.

"Dogears" detail.

"Meadow" detail.

"Fantasy forest" detail with "moss".

"Lake and sky" detail, waves.

"Blueberry forest" detail, time to cook up jam!

"Afterglow" detail, time after sunset.

"Harvest" detail, golden harvest.

"Lingonberry trip to the woods" detail. Even the beard moss in this fantasy is red!

"Play of autumn leaves" detail.

"End of autumn colors" when leaves start to decompose.

"Freezing birch tree" detail. Last leaves hold on before they fall and rustle under your feet.

Ensimmäiset viralliset ihailijat. First official admirers.